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Hello, I’m Jessica! I am a 30 year old photographer and creative entrepreneur specializing in wedding gifts, custom woodwork, art and photography. I worked in the mortgage industry for 8 years before venturing off into the world of design in 2012. I am engaged to the love of my life, Jason. Together, we run a few online businesses that allow us to use our creativity every day. We enjoy coming up with new ideas, designs and unique ways of celebrating life and love. We have been together for 11 years, (since the day of my High School graduation in 2005) and engaged for 2 years. He proposed to me at midnight on a canal in Amsterdam, our favorite place in the world. We have built an exciting life together and I am so grateful to have him. We rarely follow traditions, hence why we have still not married after 11 years together! (…That will change soon…)

I was born half blonde, half brunette. I am of Danish and Italian descent…. I like to refer to my blonde side as my Danish side, and my brunette side as my Italian. I was also born on the cusp (November 22), so I am Scorpio AND Sagittarius. Weird right?

 Some random stuff about me:

  • I am a big dreamer optimist
  • I love traveling and learning more about the places I visit
  • I’m a lifelong photographer and very proud of it
  • I’m an introvert and a homebody. I love snuggling up with Jason, the cats and a good TV show or movie!
  • I love true crime shows, historical and nature documentaries, reality shows, scary movies, period piece movies and comedies (I hate dark comedies!)
  • My favorite movies are Marie Antoinette, Midnight in Paris and Vicky Cristina Barcelona! (Yes, I am a Woody Allen fan)
  • I am a guys girl. While I have a few girlfriends, I always find myself hanging around and clicking more with guys. Growing up with 4 brothers and no sisters is probably why!
  • Hand me a bag full of chips or a plate full of cookies…I will always go for the chips first! Salty over sweet any day.
  • I strongly dislike onions (Yes, even when they are cooked!)
  • I have a habit of ordering off kid menu’s (I’m adventurous, but not when it comes to my food!)
  • I eat popcorn almost every single day
  • Lattes are my favorite. I can’t drink American coffee/drip coffee ever again. Europe changed me!
  • I love lifting weights (squats and deadlifts are my favs)
  • I’m obsessed with the rain. Living in Arizona, it doesn’t happen often. Maybe 10 days a year? Hence part of the reason we chose to move to the Pacific Northwest!
  • I secretly want to be a photojournalist, documenting war, unique cultures and venturing into places most people wouldn’t dare go.
  • I have several styles. I love light, airy, pastel, dreamy stuff….and I love dark, moody, ethereal stuff.
  • I’m a hard worker. In Elementary school, I went door-to door in my swimsuit, asking people if they wanted their cars washed for $5. In Junior High and High School, I worked with my parents doing janitorial work. At age 16, I worked at Sonic, serving burgers on rollerskates. I then went into retail, before beginning work in Mortgage. After losing my job during the recession in 2008, I began a house cleaning business and shortly after that, I started the business I now run today, Wandering Fables! Nothing has ever been given to me and I have worked extremely hard to be where I am today. Nothing makes me more proud than this!
  • I want to retire in Amsterdam. I want to spend my last years hearing the church bells ringing every day, sipping espresso, walking along the canals, taking train rides around Europe and reading books on a balcony.

Above all else, I enjoy wandering around foreign cities and in nature with my camera, experiencing new cultures, finding cool places and learning more about history and the World. With each place I visit and each hike I take, I bring a little piece home with me. On Jess Bow Travels, you will find travel and adventure tips, inspiration, photography and much more.

My travels and dreams inspire my everyday life and I hope they can inspire or bring joy to yours too!



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