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Jess Bow Travels - Snowy Night | Portland

Snowy Night | Portland

Before our trip to Portland, I kept checking the weather, hoping to see snow on the forecast. All forecasts said there was a possibility of snow (just 1 day of our trip), but it would not be much….boy were they wrong! Portland received a crazy amount of snow…the most they have received since 1980!We spent our first day in Portland hitting all of our favorite spots and visiting friends. It was a somewhat normal overcast day, no signs of snow. We began at the Cooper Mountain Vineyards in Beaverton with some wine tasting, and ended the evening at our friend’s house. While catching up and debating over what we should eat for dinner (Pizza or Mexican Food?!) we noticed something going on outside. We opened the door and snowflakes came fluttering in. Sara made us Hot Cocoa and we stood outside, watching the snow come down faster and heavier. As the snow fall got worse, we realized we still needed to drive back to our Motel…so after barely making it out of Neal’s steep driveway, we drove home in what I can honestly say is one of the scariest drives of my life. I had a legit panic attack as our car went slipping and sliding along the snowy roads. Note: This was only my 2nd time being in the snow (the first time when I was a kid!) and Jason’s first time driving in it…haha!
After we made it to our Motel, we warmed up inside before heading back out to explore the area surrounding us. The retro blue lights against the bright white snow was a sight to see.Our room sat right in front of a pool. I loved the way the blue looked against the snow…
It really reminded me of some sort of snow covered candy fantasy land!When we couldn’t feel our fingers anymore, we went back into our cozy little motel room and warmed up. We just couldn’t stop exploring the snow and ended up going back outside at least 5 times before we finally decided to get some rest…

We weren’t sure what to expect the next day….more on that next!

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