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Jess Bow Travels - Dry Creek Falls | Hiking in Oregon

Dry Creek Falls | Hiking in Oregon

Don’t let the name fool you, there is nothing dry about it! The Dry Creek Falls hike goes along the Pacific Crest Trail, which meanders through forest before reaching this beautiful waterfall. Jason and I went on this adventure with our good friends, Neal & Randall…Here we are below!
Hike Portraits | JessBowTravelsThe hike is about 4.4 miles through forest, where we saw mushrooms, sword ferns just about everywhere, moss, douglas fir trees and tons of slugs!
Hiking | DryCreekFalls, JESSBOWTRAVELSWe hiked this in early Autumn, so the leaves were beginning to change and mushrooms started popping up all over the placeMushrooms | JessBowTravelsMushrooms | JessBowTravelsMushroom | JessBowTravelsDry Creek Fungus | JessBowTravelsThe mixture of autumn colors and lush green is like candy to my eyes
DryCreekFalls | JessBowTravelsAutumn Colors | JessBowTravelsDryCreekFalls | JessBowTravels

Every leaf speaks bliss to me fluttering from the autumn tree -Emily Brontë

Fall at Dry Creek | JessBowTravelsMy shoes weren’t the best choice for this hike. I wanted to be more minimal this trip so I stuck with my Columbia suede booties rather than my heavy hiking shoes. They have decent traction, but not much support. So while I didn’t slip on the rocky terrain, it gave me an intense calf workout and slowed me down a bit (I’m not complaining…)JessBowTravels | DryCreekWe reached a beautiful creek where I set up my tripod and tested out some new photography techniques. This is when I feel most at peace, being in nature with my camera. While some might say “Enjoy the moment, put the camera down!”, it’s different for photographers. Without Photography as a hobby, there would be so many moments missed. It forces you to stop and notice your surroundings. I sat here for a good 30 minutes, with my feet and my tripod sitting in the creek water, while the guys hung out and relaxed.
JessBowTravels | DryCreekHikeDry Creek Falls | JessBowTravelsDryCreekFalls | JessBowTravelsAs we approached the waterfall, you could hear the loud sound of water. Dry Creek Falls is a single-stream waterfall that flows down about 75 feet into a basin, below mossy slabs of columnar basalt (formed during the cooling of a thick lava flow, long ago).Dry Creek Falls | JessBowTravelsDry Creek Falls | JessBowTravelsOnce you reach the waterfall there is access to get pretty close. (Earlier in the summer, Neal even went into the waterfall!)DryCreekFalls | JessBowTravelsDryCreekFalls | Oregon Hike Jess Bow TravelsWe all worked up a huge appetite. Neal & Randall had the amazing suggestion of going to Brazil Grill, a meat lovers paradise located in downtown Portland. I don’t think I have ever seen so much protein eaten in one sitting. From bacon wrapped chicken to chicken hearts…they literally ate it all. (I passed on the Chicken Hearts…)BrazilGrill | JessBowTravelsBrazilGrill | JessBowTravelsBrazil Grill | JessBowTravelsBrazil Grill | JessBowTravels

It was a great day and one we are hoping to repeat together often.

Have you hiked to any Oregon Waterfalls? Which is your favorite?


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