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Jess Bow Travels - LIFE | Changes Part II

LIFE | Changes Part II

In July, I blogged about “Changes”,  Today, it’s almost 2 months later and I have updates!


I didn’t get serious until the end of July, when I stepped on the scale and saw that I gained 25 pounds since I last stepped on it. Yikes. Instead of wallowing in my sorrows and being in denial, I decided to step up my game and take things seriously. 30 days after beginning, I am down 10 pounds! 
Before After Progress | JESSBOWTRAVELS

As you can see in the above photos (please excuse my post gym hair), my legs have slimmed down, my stomach is flatter and my butt is smaller. With a lot of dedication, I’ve been able to make this happen. Here’s how!


Macros. I am not a girl that can go through a day eating vegetables and small pieces of fish. I need real food and flexibility. Counting Macros is the perfect way to do it! I use MyFitnessPal to plan my meals each day 

I stick to around 120g Carbs, 50g Fat, 120g Protein daily (which ends up being around 1300-1400 calories) Today, my meals have consisted of a Chipotle Burrito Bowl, a Grilled Chicken Sandwich from Chick-Fil-A, Coffee from Starbucks and a Homemade Grilled Chicken Salad. By eating similarly and exercising often over the last 30 days, I’ve seen a huge difference!


I’v been working out 4-5 days per week, 45-ish minutes per day. My workouts ALWAYS include Weightlifting. I also add in some HIIT workouts or the good ol’ Stair Master. I always make sure I sweat and I usually end up leaving the gym looking like I sat in a sauna the whole time.KB Training | JessBowTravels


I wanted to try to save any sort of traveling until 2017, but I just couldn’t do it! Christmas is around the corner, and a vacation is necessary for Jason and I before the Holiday madness begins! So, we found $75 tickets through Frontier Airlines and we are heading back to Portland 🙂 We will be camping with friends, going on long waterfall hikes and checking out more of the area. Super excited!PortlandDowntown | JessBowTravelsMultnomahJessBowTravels


Jason and I have spent the last few years learning an entirely new product, new machines, new materials, all in an effort to expand our business. We have a garage full of discarded wood from all of our time spent learning, experimenting and brainstorming. This year, we finally launched a few of our creations and we are SO proud of what we have created. We put our heart into each item and I feel like it really shows. We now sell custom frames and custom ornaments!OrnamentSet1WanderingFablesFRAME12 | Wandering Fables

We have so many more things to create. I’m excited what the future holds for our business! Check our store out for more! WanderingFables


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