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Jason and I have been watching a lot of historical documentaries, learning more about our heritage. Jason is Polish, British & Irish. I am Danish, Italian & German.With some internet research, we have learned more about where our relatives once lived. As a result of our research, we added more locations to our travel bucket list, woop!JessicaHeritage1Jason Heritage Maps

I got to visit my Great Great Grandmother’s Birthplace and Home in Copenhagen, Denmark last year. Heritage travel isn’t something you hear about often. With a little online research, you can find actual city locations your ancestors once lived in. Why not add that place to your bucket list? Whether it’s a tiny little town in the British countryside, or a popular destination like Copenhagen, Denmark…the feeling of being in a place your ancestors once lived is pretty awesome!

Do you know where your ancestors once lived? I challenge you to do a little research and see what you come up with! 

Stay tuned for a post with pictures from my heritage trip to Denmark!XoxoJessBowTravels

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