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Jess Bow Travels - LIFE | Changes

LIFE | Changes

2016 is officially halfway over! This year has been unique, to sum it up in 1 word…Change | JessBowTravels

Change. It isn’t always easy, but it’s 100% necessary for growth. This year, Jason and I lost a family member to Cancer. It has been a rough rollercoaster, but the bumps are smoothing out and as a result, we are making some positive changes in our lives. Life is way too short, it’s easy to sit back and let life happen, but to get the most out of life, it’s important to try new things and make changes to allow yourself to grow.

Growth is the only evidence of life. -John Henry Newman

Blogging. Rather than having my blog explicitly “travel”, I have decided to make it personal and focused on whatever I’m currently interested in. I like to blog for fun. I’m an introvert and find enjoyment in expressing myself through writing. I like going back and reading my entries over the years. I like to inspire others and meet like-minded individuals who share my passions and hobbies. My blog will now consist of everything, from photography and travel tips to what kind of flower I’m currently obsessing over (right now, Protea!) 

Travel. One of my biggest passions. I spent years and years dreaming of it. Those dreams led me to open my first real business and as a result, I have been able to see many of the places I always dreamed of! Right now, my travels are taking a brief hiatus while I focus and work towards some new goals (more on that later!)JessBowTravels | -Portrait

Health. I haven’t bothered with diet or exercise at all this year. I’ve become too comfortable eating whatever I want, whenever I want with minimal (aka ZERO) exercise. After losing someone to Cancer, I realized how important health is, especially at this age (turning 30 this year, whaaaat!) It’s no longer about looking good. It’s about feeling good and being able to live a long and healthy life. I’m finally starting to workout again, I’m working on stopping my late night snack binge sessions (it’s so hard!) trying new foods (I have a habit of ordering off kid menus) and adding in healthier options (like this beautiful dragonfruit)

Dragonfruit | JessBowTravels

Location. I’ve lived in Arizona my entire life. After traveling to different places, I have come to realize how special and unique it is. The endless saguaro cacti, the fiery summer sunsets, the majestic monsoon seasons. But…because I have seen so many places, I’ve realized that my heart belongs in more places than just Arizona. So, with that said….JasonPortlandView | JessBowTravels
We are moving! I am both excited and nervous. I’ve lived in the sunshine and desert my entire life. Where we are heading is the complete opposite. We have no solid plans yet, we just know we are going and in the near future. But…where? I will blog about that later 😉

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