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Jess Bow Travels - 10 Travel Memories of 2015

10 Travel Memories of 2015

Looking back at 2015, this has been the best year of my life! From swimming in the Mediterranean, to climbing an Alaskan mountain…Here are 10 of my favorite memories from the year!

1. Walking in Valborg’s Footsteps
Jess Bow Travels - Copenhagen, Denmark

My Great Great Grandmother, Valborg Rasmussen, came here from Copenhagen, Denmark and has a biography written on her journey. While thinking of where to visit in Europe, Copenhagen came to mind. Jason grabbed Valborg’s book…”I wonder if there are any addresses in here?!” Boom. Page 1 provided the address of her childhood home… And with that, we booked our ticket to Copenhagen. 🙂 (Lucky for me, they were doing construction on her building when we arrived, so I got to walk through her home!)

2. Climbing a Mountain

Jess Bow Travels - North Face Trail, Alaska

Hiking a mountain should be on every bucket list. The North Face Trail at Alyeska was the perfect mountain experience. We started our hike on dirt/rock, ran into a Moose, ended up walking in snow, running out of water and eating snow instead, and then ended the hike on top of the Mountain, with drinks, Alaskan King Crab and Hot Chocolate (the best I’ve ever had in my life!)

3. Fran Goes to Amsterdam (aka Frandam)

Jason’s Mom has always wanted to see Europe. This year was the perfect first trip for her! Taking her around Amsterdam was a blast. Constant smiles and excitement over everything. From window peeping at night (hey now! if your windows are open and you live in a canal house, expect us to stand in front of your window full of curiosity!) to eating a crazy amount of stroopwafels and dutch chocolates…These memories will forever be cherished!

4. Living in AmsterdamJess Bow Travels - Amsterdam Apartment

It really felt like we lived in Amsterdam. When we came home, it actually took us months to adjust back to our normal lives! (Arizona felt so…boring (and hot) compared to exciting Amsterdam!) Staying in an apartment is much better than staying in a hotel. We went grocery shopping. We learned how to use foreign appliances. We worked. We watched TV (Investigation Discovery was a channel!) We hung out with our Dutch friend, Leonora. We met new friends. We explored other cities. We lost weight. We learned to speak a little Dutch. We showed our family and friends around. We watched the seasons change from Winter to Spring. We did it all and look forward to doing it again!

5. GlaciersJess Bow Travels - Glacier Cruise, Alaska

Freezing wind, chunks of blue ice in the water, humpback whales, large ripples from the calving glaciers…and topping it off with a margarita made from glacier ice. By far one of the coolest experiences, ever!

6. Bicycling Zaanse SchansJess Bow Travels - Holland

Zaanse Schans, an adorable village with charming green cottages, farms, windmills, animals and nature. We rented bikes and rode around this adorable area. The atmosphere was storybook perfect on this sunny spring day!

7. Amsterdam & Copenhagen with KaraJess Bow Travels - Sister Travel

Europe with your sister is a must! We took our time wandering around Museums, shops and tulip gardens.  We laughed, we napped, we ate and we created memories that we will never forget!

8. Swimming in the MediterraneanJess Bow Travels - Valencia, Spain Beach

Another bucket list item, swim in the Mediterranean! The water was a beautiful blue, and it felt amazing to get in and float around. Top that off with Tapas, Spanish desserts and numerous nightclubs. Valencia was one of the most exciting experiences of our life and we got to experience it all with one of our best friends, Rory!

9. Winner Creek HikeJess Bow Travels - Winner Creek, Alaska

Hiking the Winner Creek trail in Alaska has to be one of my favorite memories…ever! I’ll never forget the sound of raindrops falling on the dying leaves, the eerie fog that hung over the treetops, the colors of the wild berries and mushrooms, the sounds of a bear grunting in the bushes, and not a human in sight! 

10. Hiking Sedona in the RainJess Bow Travels - Sedona Hiking

I will take a rainy day over a sunny day, any day. The West Fork Trail of Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona is perfect to visit during the Fall months, with the changing colors of the leaves against the canyon walls. Such a relaxing little break!

Cheers to 2016!

What are your favorite moments of the year?

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